Trinity people feel completely in despair. They can no longer tolerate their situation. Life appears to them as a black hole. Like an abyss for which they stand. You really don’t know how to proceed anymore. You feel so lonely that you even believe that God has left you. Trinity stands for “Faith, Hope and Love”. You can believe in life again. The remedy gives you comfort and support. Feeling of earthing, connects the feet with the heart area, inner strength to be in the here and now, “loads become lighter”, loneliness disappears. The remedy is made from three different remedies, namely: Feverfew, Poppy and Water Lily.


Aster people need attention. They like to cling to others so that they are not alone. They can suffer from hypochondria (something you should take very seriously, because it can take their entire life). They quickly feel sorry for themselves. They very much want to be the center of attention and often speak the highest word. This is expressed by “telefonitis”. They always have the phone to hand so that they can always reach someone, whoever. In the doctor’s waiting room you often recognize these people because they openly tell about their terrible condition whether you listen or not. Medical students also often suffer from this (unconscious) fear during their education. You feel the blossom as a supporting arm around your shoulders. It encourages, cares, comforts and encourages. You get the feeling of basic confidence again. For example, if you are in a relationship where you feel that you are maintaining that relationship because you cannot be alone, the Aster will trust that you can do it yourself. You no longer need the attention you sought from others, positive or negative, conscious or unconscious.


Balance people are totally at the end of their Latin. They feel weak and powerless and say that they cannot cope with the burden of daily life. During the day it seems as if this fatigue diminishes somewhat and then they can finish their work fairly nicely. You are mentally exhausted and in the morning you wake up with the familiar Monday morning feeling and get up more tired than going to bed at night. You would prefer to pull the blankets over your head and stay in your bed. And this process does not only occur on Monday morning, but can occur daily. Balance provides balance between body and mind. The unremitting effort changes into more inner peace, making you less tired mentally. A tip: go around the block with your (imaginary) dog in the evening so that you gain energy in the open air and provide physical compensation. The combination of Kruidje-helm-me-niet and Vlinderstruik, which together ensure that you stay with both feet on the ground and at the same time give a “helicopter view”, so that you can oversee things properly.


Bali attracts you from apathy. You may capitulate inwardly, give up the struggle, and reside in a situation. You can feel completely drained spiritually and it may even be that reading a book is already too much. This remedy gives stability, plenty of energy and helps you stay with your decision. You have chosen entirely by yourself. What you have chosen does not matter, but the path is now open and you can take to the road with confidence. Bali is the sixth aura closer. The remedy makes your aura from your center larger because you grow from within. Another feature of this remedy is that it gives you the power to handle the “whole world.” The first four aura closers are: Yarrow, Hosta, Turquoise and Cherry plum: these remedies also make your aura denser.


Protection is a combination of 4 aura protectors, described below. The experiences of many people are that they feel completely happy and protected. That their own strength fully recovers. A remedy, which is very important especially in this time. You are able to follow your own path. It helps to lead an independent life in the true sense of the word.

Yarrow: You better stay with yourself and you will no longer be “emptied” by others. Turquoise: You do not take on physical or emotional influences or complaints from others. Cherry plum: You are shielded from destructive forces. Hosta: your vague, unnamed, often unreal fears such as fear of the dark, fear of ghosts, fear of the unknown, fear of fear, fear of the future disappear.


Clematis Mme. Le Coultre gives you the opportunity to go one step further on your spiritual path, whatever that may be. That is different for everyone. She also provides insight, even more an “overview” of how your life works, from a higher level. At the same time you stand with both feet on the ground.


Dagkoekoeksbloem-people suffer from a lack of basic self-confidence. This can manifest itself in fear of failure. You hardly dare to speak to others. You consider you incapable of many things and you often have a strong feeling of inferiority. You can be timid and inhibited in the presence of others. Exam fear often torments you weeks before the actual exam. Dagkoekoeksbloem strengthens your self-confidence and self-awareness, it also helps to unfold your own personality. It brings about the process that allows you to show yourself that you can be there. It strengthens your self-confidence. You stand with both feet on the ground. “I am sure I am here”.


Daslook is the seventh aura protector. In addition to Duizendblad, Turkoois, Bali, Kerspuim, Hosta, Koraalcactus, there is now Daslook. The remedy makes you calm, relaxed, grounded. Gives a sense of space. You are very much in the here and now. You are able to stay very strong with yourself. You get to the core and can stay there. All kinds of “child parts” that you no longer connected to, will be back. The part that lovingly cares for yourself and that you can turn to yourself. To be able to choose your own path. With respect for your own needs. The feeling that everyone is equal and you don’t have to prove yourself. It cleans projections and shit from others that you can sit with. Gives you support and connects to “above”. Simultaneously a humility from the higher self. Gives a safe margin if you look for the subconscious. The environment then also feels ok. You start to live your own arcadian rhythm together with the rhythms of the earth.


Dotterbloem people are the real impatients among us. In fact, they don’t want to miss anything of life. They are the bumper stickers among us. It seems that they are always in a hurry and behave that way. In a store, they are also always in the wrong line. They have the feeling of being driven by a rocket. Their quickly inflammable anger is gone quickly. And as a result of their hurried way of life, they are often exposed to nervous tensions. Dotterbloem ensures that from that ever-present hurry, restlessness and impatience you come to an insight that all those tasks that you always want to do simultaneously can also do, but then one after the other in peace.


Yarrow people are sweet, accommodating, lovable and often courteous people. It is difficult for them to say “no”. The needs of others, the children, spouse, family and / or friends, often prevail. This is often at the expense of their own needs and desires. Actually the are looking for recognition and want to be loved. It may happen that they notice that they experience energy loss in the presence of others and become very tired of the other. Because of this it is possible that you “just” get angry. It can seem strange that you can get so angry at something very small, which apparently has nothing to do with the actual situation. I always explain it as follows: Imagine: I put a pen somewhere, and you get furious about it. That is almost incomprehensible to yourself and the other, but it is like this … you have let your boundaries go so many times that a very small, unrelated event can cause you to ignite in anger. The remedy protects you against negative influences from outside. You will no longer be “emptied” by others. You are able to follow your own path and not be afraid to lose the love of others, because you can say no. It helps to lead an independent life in the true sense of the word. Yarrow is made with the spring water from Lourdes.


Duizendknoop – people have repressed their emotions and seemingly carefree and cheerful life, keep the mood in it and like to make jokes. In the pub or at a party they are usually the pacemakers. For outsiders it seems that these people are not bothered by anything. This is due to the repressed emotions and an apparently carefree life. Deep things are not being talked about. Much remains superficial. If you ask them how it goes, they will always answer with: “Good!” These people can tend to be overweight, especially around the waist and whatever you do, it just won’t go away. Even if you have followed so many diets, as soon as you stop, the kilos fly back. Duizendknoop raises the repressed emotions and unravels one or one of the many knots (blockages) that you still have and makes these emotions visible. The remedy makes it visible, whatever mood or mood it brings up. Then you can take the thousand button together with the necessary remedies. So it may be that you think that you have solved a certain state of mind with remedies, oil or stones or whatever, but by taking a thousand knot it nevertheless rises.

Eerste Hulp Essence

The remedy is made from: Liefde & Hoop, Turkoois, Houttyunnia Cordata, Star of Bethlehem, Duizendblad, 3-Eenheid, Fluitenkruid, Maskerbloem, Dotterbloem, Kerspruim and Clematis – Madame Le Coultre. The indication spectrum ranges from emotional emergencies such as acute violent scare, serious messages to personal injury, burns and accidents. Use in situations that are emotionally threatening.


Eucalypthus people are often withdrawn and lonely. They may feel as if there is a kind of “glass wall” between them and the outside world. Making real contact is difficult for them. They are intelligent people and others often put them on a pedestal, making it even harder for them to make real contact with others. They want that deep in their hearts, but it is impossible for them. They are in fact very vulnerable people. For that reason, they often behave up-to-date and others say they have kapsones. And this also sometimes causes others to have a kind of fear of approaching them. They are often hypersensitive to tickling. The remedy ensures that the feeling of “not belonging” disappears. There is a connection from the top towards you. This allows you to make contact with everyone and you are able to “descend” to people who you might not have seen otherwise


Fluitenkruid put you on the ground with two feet, makes you very big and gives you a good sense of self-worth, solidarity with the rest of the world. It makes you aware of yourself. You learn to consider and accept. It is a “meditation herb” and it makes you complete, “easy-going”, sunny – light, tension disappears, feet become “fuller”. It helps in releasing hidden emotions.

Gebroken Hartje

Awareness of old emotional pains present in the body. A gentle guidance in the recovery of a broken heart / broken love with the strength to carry on.

Gele Meibloem

Gele Meibloem provides a connection between you and the Universe and God without blockages. This connection is not only made from you but also from the Universe, so it works in two directions. It gives the deepest confidence that everything will be alright. Gele Meibloem belongs to the 7th chakra. This is seen as the place where the “individual self” becomes the “universal self.” Gele Meibloem meets a deep desire to bring out that that really matters and lets you experience grandeur and femininity. It helps you discover your desire and bring out that which is essential to you. She connects you with the great Mother, with her wisdom. When using Gele Meibloem, the heart feels warm and open, full of confidence and peace. Survival mechanisms are no longer needed. It gives a soothing sense of strength, safety and self-confidence. This feeling cannot simply be broken. Full of love and gratitude it follows. When Yellow May Flower is worn on the heart it makes it wonderful to relax without becoming sleepy and gives it confidence in the body. By letting go of old karmic things, a connection with the Self is established.


Genadekruid people feel victim of “life” and are full of hatred or anger. The question that arises: “What have I earned all this in life”? Anger often keeps smoldering beneath the surface and the feeling of never being happy again. Life is hard on them. Genadekruid really gives grace to yourself and / or others, so that you are no longer blocked by anger or any other state of mind. Those who use the remedy feel it as an enormous liberation, as if there is a kind of general “grace.” Problems are released sooner, so that a kind of blanket falls off of you. Genadekruid changes your life from victim to architect.


Serves for the development of your “childish” spirituality. If a blockage has arisen here during conception, the time in the womb, the first years of youth, the Autumnal Aster removes this blockage. Provides playfulness, sparkle, happiness. You can be there in all your facets.

Het Kind

These people are often exposed to nervous tensions as a result of their hurried way of life. This condition often occurs after too hard work, chronic overload, worry and long-term serious illness. This can easily cause exhaustion. They then feel that they are physically and psychologically at the end of their Latin. The trapezoid muscle is often hardened and painful. The child’s blossom is a combination of Madelief and Aster. Where Madelief raises the fun, sometimes naughty, happy child, Aster supports this by restoring basic confidence in the Child.


Hydrangea people are constantly looking. They are not satisfied with their existence. They feel that their lives are passing by. You feel a great inner void. You may feel that your head is one ball of spaghetti. You may be inclined to do extreme activities such as making extravagant journeys, preferably buying very expensive cars, immediately buying the newest fashion (and if you cannot choose and you can afford it, you buy everything you like and are purchasing) forgotten a little later). You find life meaningless. Or simply put: you are in the famous Burn-out! The flower of hydrangea consists of all kinds of small flowers that form one whole. This also applies to the state of mind that is associated with this. If there are a lot of confusing situations in life, whatever, then the Hortensia connects this to a whole. This remedy connects the left and right hemispheres better. As a result, you are able to place all things in your own way and in such a way that things become clearer and clearer. You feel that the space around you is getting bigger. If you have difficulty reading or calculating, the Hortensia “connects” the left and right hemispheres. You can study more easily and with concentration.


Hosta people suffer from many fears, fear of the dark, fear of ghosts, fear of the unknown, fear of fear, fear of the future. They often suffer from premonitions about whether some disaster will happen. Children who are afraid that there is a ghost under the bed. Children / adults who see the deceased and fear it. The feeling that something is scaring you. You don’t know what, but the feeling can give you goosebumps. You can be fascinated by occult things and be afraid of them at the same time. You can fear death. It is not suffering before death that frightens you, but what will come after death. Hosta protects you against “earthly” fears and “non-earthly” fears. Hosta makes you happy with the life in the here and now and it gives a sense of space. You may wake up at night with nightmares or anxious dreams. Once you wake up, you are afraid of going back to sleep. If you wake up at night and do not know why and again have difficulty falling asleep, Hosta ensures that you sleep through the night. You may be able to clearly remember your dreams during the first few nights. It may be that there are a number of things that you have not processed unknowingly. These will be recognizable in the form of a dream. Through Hosta you can be happy with the life in the here and now and it gives a sense of space.

Houttuynnia Cordata

Houttuynnia Cordata people just keep grinding and grinding. As if a gramophone record is on in their head and they don’t know how to turn it off. You conduct entire conversations with yourself about anything and everything. Because of this you cannot concentrate well. Too much haunts through your head. Houttuynnia Cordata ensures that you no longer think compulsively. Gives peace of mind. Your grinding thoughts, which constantly repeat themselves, like a gramophone record with the needle stuck in the groove, disappear. The remedy stops the “button” of your grinding thoughts and this allows you to sleep faster.


Immortelle people suffer from periods of deep depression, apparently “just” for no apparent reason or reason. As if someone just turned off the light. The mood is often gloomy and sometimes a feeling of melancholy overtakes them. The feeling of depression of unknown cause or “just” gloomy. You do not have an appetite, you suffer from insomnia, you suffer from an enormous tiredness or you white only sleep. In medicine, this is called an endogenous, that is, depression coming from within. This is an excellent remedy if you have the feeling of depression of any kind. It makes the sun shine in your heart again and all dark clouds will disappear. You can be happy again in life. Immortelle means eternal, imperishable, immortal, for life.

Indische Amandel

Inner dignity. Take away the old pain; old memories, however, remain without the pain. Ready for a fresh start.


Ismene- people are the dreamers among us. If you prefer to retreat to your own dream world so that you can suppress the reality of everyday life. In your work or at school “not being in class”. You may walk to the kitchen to get something and once you arrive in the kitchen you absolutely do not know what you had to do there. You drive from A to B and arrive at B and it appears that you have traveled a lot on autopilot. An indication may also be that you often stumble or bump yourself, that you can sit under the bruises, that you quickly catch something or that objects drop easily. Ismene gives you insight into reality and brings you into the “here and now”. You will better understand the coherence in the world. You become contemplative of everything. You get a look back at what you have done and at the same time there is a kind of farewell to “your old life”. You are able to say goodbye to “not real illusions”, which can sometimes be intense. You come with both feet in this life. Your creativity is given the opportunity to develop. You are able to do the things that you have to do in the here and now without having the feeling of being or becoming overburdened.


Cherry plum people have a lot of inner unrest, the feeling of sitting on a powder keg or of being able to explode at any moment. They are afraid of losing their self-control and thereby doing something to another or themselves. It often manifests itself in the form of hyperventilation, grinding teeth or nail biting or constantly fiddling. The panic fear of losing all self-control that you can drive until the edge of despair disappears. You no longer have to worry about dark, negative and destructive forces at work. Cherry plum ensures that you are protected so that they have no hold on you. Cherry plum also protects against non-nameable influences from people. Influences that make you feel bad and hard to put into words. Cherry plum ensures that the compulsive disappears, you no longer have to bite nails or grind your teeth and you can breathe deeper and better.


Komkommerkruid people are overloaded. They can no longer perform their duties. You have the feeling that you can no longer meet all the requirements that are set for you. And it just keeps chasing you. The work is like an insurmountable mountain in front of you. You have concentration problems. You feel like you have a real nervous breakdown. If you have to take an exam or a job interview, it may be that all your thoughts are “suddenly” gone. You can get a total “blackout”. It can even be so bad that you can faint because of the situation. This is real stress! If you look like a mountain against the many things, whatever you have to do, then “cut” Komkommerkruid into “pieces” and you will be able to act from your heart as you should. The mountain turns out not to be too bad and you are able to handle things quietly piece by piece.

Komkommerkruid 2

Encourages you to act. The “masculine” energy gives you the power to take physical action. Pure decisiveness. Komkommerkruid 2 appears to be the “male” equivalent of the ordinary “female heart-working” Komkommerkruid. You can also combine Komkommerkruid and Komkommerkruid II together.

Koningin van de Kusten

Queen of the Coast people cannot stand injustice. They are our world improvers and idealists. This allows them to come across as fanatic. They have high expectations of themselves and want to be perfect in everything to prove themselves that they are doing well. They want to convince others of their ideas and insights and it is difficult to stop. They suffer from what is wrong in the world. You prefer not to be confronted with all the news that enters your home / your life through the media. You are afraid of war. And what’s actually “underneath” is the fear that it can happen to you. It is a remedy that fits completely with this time. The remedy filters “everything” that now “comes in” so violently. This time is very difficult for many people. With the help of this remedy you can still see everything that is happening, but with the “filtering” you can handle everything that comes your way better. You don’t put your head in the sand for everything that happens, but you see what happens, but it doesn’t bother you so much and you can do better the things you have to do because you don’t get so upset anymore.


“Now it is completely your time. Time for yourself. You sit down with a cup of tea and a bonbon … and nothing can bother you. “That is the association with this remedy. The remedy makes you feel protected. It is the fifth aura closer, the first four are Yarrow, Hosta, Turquoise and Cherry plum. Moreover, this remedy ensures that the aura rolls out like a blanket and completely envelops you. You stand with both feet on the ground and at the same time you feel light and airy.

Kruidje roer me niet

This is the first remedy developed by Madeleine in Costa Rica. It is for people who are very, very sensitive. As soon as someone gets too close, the person “closes” because the fear of being hurt is very great. You yourself know exactly which vulnerabilities are involved. Touching others, e.g. wanting to put an arm around you can be too much. Kruidje-roer-me-niet  only gives you protection and support. The remedy therefore gives you strength from within, lets you reach your own strength and you are able to go your own way. You stand consciously in life with both feet on the ground. . Over the years it has been found that Kruidje-roer-me-niet , together with other remedies, increases the effect of these other remedies. As if the healing process is accelerating.

Liefde & Hoop

Love and Hope people have chronic panic. Chronic panic does not always show itself as panic, more as flight behavior: You are on the plane, the doors are closing … and you are only thinking of flights or “how do I get out of here”. If you are shocked by e.g. a mouse that suddenly runs ahead of you and that you start running as a result, may have to do with chronic panic. Or that you have to go to a reception, because that would be important and you prefer to run fast. How does this state of mind arise: It may have to do with a life-threatening birth because the umbilical cord is around the baby’s head, a caesarean section, a pair of pliers or an imminent drowning death and in war situations in many situations where your life was at stake. Even if someone has been a victim of violence and you can also think of a parent who just hit it off. With events in the present, such a mouse or a reception or other “simple” things “trigger” this always latent panic. As mentioned, flight behavior can occur or you become paralyzed with fright, the feeling that your heart stops beating or a feeling of powerlessness that comes over you. Through Love and Hope, flight behavior changes into courage. You are able to commit yourself for others in emergency situations. You have a great presence of mind. Let go of the extremely strong love present deep inside, resulting in Hope. This remedy was made in Israel, Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall. When one enters the tunnels under the wailing wall at some point, there is a place that is closest to the Kodesh Hakodashim. The holiest of saints. This is the holiest place for the Jewish population. This is where the remedy is made.


Loodkruid people do not trust themselves and often let others’ opinions prevail. It is possible that they collect a lot of information, have piles of books and newspapers. Nothing should be thrown away … you never know whether it might be necessary again. It may be that others find you naive or gullible. By always asking questions, you can make others nervous. You do not trust your own decisions and you do not listen to your inner voice. Lead herb convinces you of your own specific qualities and you let them apply them in practice. You make real decisions in and about your life. You can now do that calmly and you “oversee” the decisions you make or are about to make. You decide it’s time to … whatever that means to you. You “listen” to what is important to you and you do not allow yourself to be influenced by others


During the making process, Micha discovered that the moon actually has 2 faces. We, on earth, see only one side of the moon, namely the illuminated side. As a result, information came to the fore, thinking of this wonderful feature of the moon. The remedy “Moon” shows the other side of the soul, the dark side. This does not mean that the remedy only works on our dark, mysterious side, but also knowing that we have a side that can be developed so that we come into balance with our system. We always have hidden parts in our soul that “we” don’t want to get started with. The moon causes the deepest of the soul to come up at that moment as soon as it is started. Because of this it is possible that emotions that have not yet been processed come to the surface, so that you are steered in a direction so that you can start using this. Even though you have solved a great deal with Knotweed, there may still be blockages on a spiritual level that have not been solved. Now it is very difficult to test on a spiritual level. Here you can find out if you take Moon and it appears that there are e.g. there is still some sadness left.


Madelief people overcome their already existing exhaustion with great effort to keep working. This is followed by a condition that they go over “the lowest point” and they continue until they drop. Giving up is not in their booklet. They are reliable people that everyone can rely on. What is in their booklet: I have to do it. It’s my job. This can be accompanied by the development of all kinds of vague fears, such as fear of the future, darkness and the world outside. This is sometimes accompanied physically by feeling a tightness on your chest, which in turn encourages fear. Madelief gives new energy to the body. Orientation. Peace. Relaxation. Cheerful. Gives satisfaction and satisfaction. The flower is small but powerful. The more mowed or walked over, the more Madelief multiplies. That shows strength and perseverance, is strong and powerful and gives strength and perseverance, but also satisfaction and satisfaction without going over the low point. It indicates that you can stop if necessary. “There will also be a day tomorrow.”


Maskerbloem people suffer from fears. These fears have to do with concrete, everyday fears such as thunderstorm, fear of the plains, driving, flying, water, pain, injections, dentist, diseases, death, fear of animals, fear of heights, the cold (of winter), telephone anxiety, work, hard noises, aggression from others, etc. You no longer dare to drive a car or you no longer dare to climb a ladder. It is also possible that you are constantly afraid of losing your job. In short: Maskerbloem is for people who suffer from concrete fears. The difference between the fear of flying you can have with Maskerbloem and Liefde and Hoop is that with Maskerbloem you are afraid that the plane will crash, with Love and Hope the panic comes as soon as the doors close and you can no longer flee. Maskerbloem gives your basic faith in life itself the unconditional support that you should receive as a child. This allows you to meet the challenges of everyday life, overcoming fears and worries that hinder and disrupt the personality, freedom of action, recognizing every difficulty as an opportunity to grow. You no longer have to mask your fears. They disappear.


Meesterbloem “detects” a state of mind that you are not really aware of. It can provide insight into emotions that have not yet surfaced, but not hidden emotions. Gives insight into pieces that you are not aware of yet, but which unconsciously play a role. For example, the blossom remedy makes you realize that you can be very concerned about the people you love. Through Meesterbloem you get the insight that this (over) concern is not necessary. That those who are dear to you are capable of taking their own lives in their own hands in a good way. This allows you to let go and the other can blossom.


Meibloem people can hardly let go. For people who are afraid of losing their loved ones. They are sweet and helpful, always thinking of the well-being of others and apparently putting their own needs in second place. They want to keep control of others because of their fear. However, if their always well-intended advice is ignored, they can get angry or sad. If others don’t care about them or don’t give them their way, they can even get sick. They can be difficult on their own and use moral pressure on the other person to bind them to them and are easily able to make the other person feel guilty. Asthma also “belongs” to this emotion. It may be that those who cannot let go get asthma, but also their immediate environment can “not breathe” under their pressure. Meibloem ensures that you let the other person grow up in love and protection and when the time comes, you are able to really let the other person go and let him go to follow his own path. Gives true love without conditions. The most essential thing is to let each other go in love.


Feverfew people prefer to live in the past. When all was well. They glorify the past, are really homesick. They think back a lot about their childhood. How good it was when you were not married yet. How well you were when you were not sick yet. How good and nice your previous house was and you are sorry that you moved. You can have a lot of trouble with your retirement. You are sorry you changed jobs. You may suffer from the “empty-nest syndrome”. This emotion can even arise if someone has had a wonderful holiday, has to go back home and does not feel comfortable there. Then it is only temporary. The blossom remedy Feverfew gives peace and faith. You become calmer in your body, the fleeting restlessness disappears. You are able to view the situation from a new point of view. You learn to realize that everything is subject to change. Joy and happiness in the now, accepting the present so that you can let go of the past. Because of this you are again able to optimally use your capacities in the present. The white color of the Mother’s wort symbolizes purity and belief. Believing in true pure love that is passed on from mother to child. This knowledge creates peace. A soothing peace comes over you. You are able to live in the present and you no longer have to hold on to the past.


Poppy people fear their financial future or lack of confidence in the future. They may also suffer from depressions of known cause, the so-called exogenous or reactive depression. This is a depression that originated from outside. They are people who often use the word “but”, such as: Yes, I believe in it, but … You are a pessimist, you are also afraid that your trust will be misused. You will always be on your guard. With the slightest setbacks you will be deprived of all courage. The blossom remedy Poppy – poppy! Made together with Moederkruid and Waterlelie. It had to be made together. After the death of my parents I felt that they were so terribly far away. Then just out of the blue a huge poppy came to my parents’ house. After making this remedy I knew that “it was good now” and that my parents were no longer gone although they were just as far away, but now it was good. Papaver lets you know that everything will be alright. The original trust. Knowing from the universe that you are being supported. Love. Decisive love.


Peer people have had many difficulties in life and think rationally in advance that nothing will help. You feel totally desperate in a hopeless situation and you are already accepting your destiny. Even if there is a slight improvement in any way, you expect that it will not be of long duration. If you suffer from depression, or have often failed your exams, have landed in a dark swamp or that everything seems hopeless. If you have encountered difficulties many times in your life and you already think in advance about the next obstacle: That will go wrong again, then the blossom remedy Peer helps you get the job done. Peer gives you the inner strength and returns your confidence. If you claim for yourself that you can do it, then you can do it too. Peer ensures that you no longer automatically think: that will go wrong again. It gives you the inner strength in yourself and returns your confidence. It gives you the sparkling feeling again, deep down, back again. The “feeling of happiness” as I always call it. Knowing, from your ratio, that it will now be okay. You can embrace life again with full confidence because it “returns” your inner, true faith in life. Peer: no longer difficult (statement by a client).


Protection contains the following remedies: Duizendblad, Turkoois, Kerspruim &; Hosta. These are the 4 existing aura protectors. You better stay with yourself and you will no longer be “emptied” by others, you will not take over physical influences or complaints from others, you are shielded from destructive forces and your “non-earthly” fears will disappear and you will no longer be burdened by superstitious predictions. The fear of the dark disappears. The experiences of many people is that they feel completely happy and protected. That their own strength fully recovers. A remedy, which is very important especially in this time. It has been found that there are even 7 direct aura protectors. With highly sensitive people and new age children, it turned out that sometimes too many things could still come in.


Pure people have high ideals and want to make a positive impression on others. They often make strict decisions for themselves and for others. They have high ideals and often extreme moral views. Because of this, they can often be hard on themselves and deny themselves the fun things in life, because they are not in line with their principles. Eventually, this clinging to their own decisions can make themselves known physically because of stiffness in the joints. Your motto: That’s not how it should be . You always want to be the best. You don’t like to settle for less. And you want to see everything organized. You cannot cope with imperfections in life.
The cure Pure gives you back your spontaneity, you can adjust better, you can also go more easily with the flow of life. You are less strict with yourself and your environment. Have fun in life. And so enjoy! The remedy was made on and from the Rettenbach glacier in Austria.


Reed people are often indecisive and therefore have a hard time choosing between two options; They can suffer from mood swings, one moment very cheerful and the other, apparently without cause, down. It is the storms of life (small or large) that give them the feeling of being constantly thrown back and forth. And even once a decision has been made, the inner discussion often continues. If you suffer from motion sickness, seasickness or an enormous hunger and then again lack of appetite, erratic thoughts or check again and again whether the gas is off while you are actually sure that you have turned the gas off. Want to do all sorts of things, but don’t know where to start. Start with multiple things at the same time, e.g. cleaning up the house and thereby creating an even greater chaos, because you are working in different rooms. The blossom remedy Reed gives you stability, you can make better choices. Because of the storms of life, Reeds can bend in all directions, but it is hard to break. You can go more smoothly with all the “winding paths” in life, but you still remain steadfast on your path. You don’t get stuck in the reeds, you see what happens and yet you stick to your own ideas, thoughts and feelings …. no matter how hard the storm can be. Riet: You can’t get me under it (client’s statement).


Rose people like criticism. They are the eternal vitters. They have little tolerance towards others. They always find a hair in the soup. And you have little understanding for the smallest mistake of others. You can also make yourself cheerful about others in a sarcastic way. You also laugh at the mistakes of others. You have sharp humor and a lot of cynical criticism and because of this others can avoid you. You pull the corners of your mouth down when you reproach someone like: How can you …! You like to hand out “pricks” to others. The blossom remedy Rose is the sign of harmony, of love. Through her thorns she has to defend herself in life, but she also gives a lot of love, she stands for true friendship. It contains the great secret, the secret of human happiness. When she no longer has to “poke”, she is able to open herself completely in friendship and love. You get more softer humor, so the sharp humor disappears. The remedy works on your laughing muscles. You are able to allow new impressions from the outside uninhibited. It ensures that your sharp humor is converted into humor. You see things as they are. You are unbiased. You are able to fully open yourself to friendship and love and you no longer have to “poke”.

Roze Duizendblad

Where the Yarrow flower remedy protects your aura more “from outside”, the Pink Yarrow flower remedy ensures that you are protected from close up. Pink Yarrow provides protection for the emotions of people who are very close to you, e.g. family members. This protection comes from within and therefore you can let painful things / strong emotional influences slip past you. You are able to let go of the people who are very close to you and have hurt you or hurt you in love, no matter how difficult that sometimes seems. The sensitive arrows that can be fired at you go past you without injuring you. You are able to distance yourself in a good way. It gives comfort to the sadness of letting go. There is less chaos, more inner peace and relaxation and therefore less stress and more stability. The remedy gives an enormous firmness and you can ground well. It gives you air, you can breathe better. Keep yourself in the here and now. This will give you self-awareness a huge “boost”.

You feel that the flower remedy closes around you … then it goes to the inner deepest core of the aura (as it were, touching your body) and then pushes the outer aura layer further out, making the inner larger and stronger. You also get more air so that the belly breathing can get going better! You literally feel the energy from the bottom of your feet firmly rooting in the earth, resulting in a better drainage of negative energy. You can let go of your fear. You become the conductor of your own life which is very enlightening. You become quieter inside and you stay better with yourself. Ultimately, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chakra are brought into balance.

You can accept the things where you are now. It gets its own place. You don’t feel guilty even though you have made stupid mistakes.
Because you’ve made the decision in harmony, even if it doesn’t seem right to the other.

Final stage of adulthood completion.


Rediscovering one’s own dignity helps to restore emotional impediments in the search in life, from survival to life, letting go and cleaning up.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem people have been injured in life. A psychological shock can disrupt the entire energetic nervous system. They suffer from grinding thoughts, but only from nasty, painful situations. The sadness in disappointments or after an accident or the loss of a loved one. The consequences of a pregnancy or a birth trauma or shock from childhood can still have major consequences today. And with every injury / injury, the wound is torn open again. An old blockade that every person has is the trauma of birth. This is the reason that with every combination of flower remedies, the flower remedy Star of Bethlehem must be added as standard.

The remedy helps to resolve the blockages of old wounds. And gives happiness.

Experiences: After being pregnant for 8 ½ months, a nurse loses her daughter. After taking the remedy it appears (she felt that she had given a place for this loss of years ago) that she had dreamed at night of her child and also of the first child who died in the hospital during her service.
In the morning she woke up with a feeling of: how could I have dreamed about this, it has been so long ago. It appears that it is now really out of her system and now it is really “finished” with it. She experienced this with joy. The old blockade was gone.

Tip: With each birth I recommend putting 6 drops of Star of Bethlehem in the baby’s bath water or placing the bottle in the crib to “neutralize” the birth shock.

Star of Bethlehem stands for old and new traumas, injuries. It may be that old shocks may give you the feeling that every injury, no matter how small in the eyes of others, may be that the old wound is being torn open more and more. This remedy ensures that you incorporate old traumas into your dreams at night.

* The Star of Bethlehem from Star Remedies is made with the solar method and not with the cooking method. Not one flower wants to be cooked. Hence the enormous strong effect!


The semi-precious stone Turquoise. It is the only remedy made from a semi-precious stone. This remedy is especially for a new beginning.

If you have trouble with changes such as starting a new profession, moving house, a new beginning at school, retiring, Turoois enables you to cope well with such changes in life. If you want to go to your new house, but you cannot really look forward to it, if you are happy with your new job, but at the same time unsure whether you can handle the new job, then Turquoise helps. The same applies to children who go to a new school, find it exciting and at the same time afraid of it. Or people who retire and are afraid that a black hole will arise.

Where the flower remedy Yarrow helps against the withdrawal of energy by others, Turquoise helps with the opposite. You may be taking over physical complaints and / or emotional influences from others, e.g. you get a headache and it appears that someone in your area has a headache. Turquoise supports you in setting limits.

So it helps e.g. very sensitive healers and others who work a lot with people / animals (social workers, coaches, so people who work in interaction-dependent professions) not to take on symptoms (physical and / or emotional complaints) of their patients / clients.

With what has been described above, it may seem as if you are strongly influenced by others, but the cause lies in your indecision.

Turquoise not only allows you to cope well with the changes in your life, but also to take the appropriate steps.
The remedy to stay with one’s own beliefs and to live and act from one’s own beliefs.

A special indication is the treatment of scars: even if they are so small, they can sometimes cause the most diverse health problems. For example, Turquoise helps to make a wound to heal the wound more quickly and with children who change, the remedy helps to speed up the process by rinsing 2 drops of Turquoise in a glass of water as long as it is needed.


This flower remedy ensures that the emotions (in all areas) from past lives can be released. Specifically focused on sadness and abandonment fears. When you hold negative thought patterns from the family and negative experiences from the past. Valerian can undo the ability to repeat the same patterns life after life. Valerian “rewrites” the “family blueprint”. Breaking, releasing and dissolving old karma families. Valerian works on an emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic level where it is needed. This allows you to promote positive personal growth.

With parental permission:
I thought “just” the above was accomplished by Valerian. One day a mother comes to the practice, crying. She didn’t know what to do. Her daughter, 7 years old, a beautiful, slender girl with “Shirly Temple” curls, tells her mother that she does not want to be a girl but a boy. The parents are sweet, warm, understanding parents and would immediately accept if their daughter was in the “wrong” body. When I asked the mother if I could help her, I didn’t have an answer right away. The only thing that came to my mind was Valerian. Discussed this with the mother and made a bottle of Valerian. After one month the mother is happy in the practice. Her daughter wanted to take the drops even though she did not know which remedy it contained. The mother told me what her daughter had told her: Mama, I have decided to remain a girl in this life and in a next life I will be a boy again. What a special experience. And hereby mother and I couldn’t keep our eyes dry!


Vergeving people are angry. They can also suffer from jealousy, envy and anger. This can occur “just like that.” They have easily uncontrollable tantrums. They are jealous of other people who have more or are more beautiful. They are easily hurt. They are very suspicious and they may think that something is going on behind their back. You are afraid that your partner is cheating on you, that your children are lying or that your girlfriend / boyfriend is not taking you seriously. The flower remedy Vergeving is a combination of Maskerbloem en Genadekruid. And this combination does its “own” work again, unlike the remedies in itself. You live more in harmony and you discover the love in yourself, which then also radiates to others. You can really look forward to the successes and achievements of others. The combination of Maskerbloem en Genadekruid brings up an old sorrow. You may have to cry a lot when taking this combination remedy, but this crying dissolves a lot of old.


Vlinderstruik people are often with their thoughts in the future. They consider what they want to do in the future. How they want to live their lives. The present does not seem so interesting to them. As a result, they are more than happy to put off unpleasant chores. They easily forget where they left their keys or turn off the gas. Often arrive late for an appointment. Every teenager almost always gets bothered by this emotion. Getting up early is a drama for them. Everyday things such as homework or tidying their room is very much in demand. They prefer to be busy with their own thoughts and they don’t want to be disturbed. Imagine! The flower remedy Vlinderstruik bush gives insight from above like a butterfly. The remedy allows you to develop a helicopter view so that you can view events from above and you can see the bigger picture of an event. You no longer fall into repetitions. You are able to learn from your own experiences.


Women’s mantle people are very skilled and self-assured (towards the outside world). They seem to be our born leaders and they will never admit prior uncertainty and / or weakness. The environment can find that they are therefore dominant, unscrupulous, inflexible and numb. You are proud that you work so hard and that you can be so strict. You find that the end justifies the means. You just do it for the good of the other? The banking world, the construction world, governments around the world, high top positions are generally “manned” by men (again such a nice word). The blossom remedy Vrouwenmantel gives men the power to share better, to engage more in consultation, to focus more on their intuition and to listen more to their feelings, so that they can also be in balance with themselves. This makes this remedy extremely suitable for men. The blossom remedy Vrouwenmantel gives women the power to realize its ambitions from within itself. You no longer have to work with “male” energy. Still high demands are placed on women. And still many women make enormous demands on themselves. She has a fantastic career, a very busy social life, a great mother, a “femme fatale” for her husband, a nurse for the whole family, a top chef. You name it. The set of requirements for women is sky high. You also see more and more “burn-out” among women. Women need such “behavior” to “stand” in the men’s world. During the last Star Remedies course, I asked the students why Máxima is so loved by the vast majority of the Dutch population. The answer was inter alia: her charisma, her charisma, her knowledge, her real interest in all sorts of things, she is beautiful, always beautifully dressed, she really loves Alexander and much more. I said that that was all right, but why is it that she, with the royal family, stands out like this. There was not a direct answer. My idea about her is that she is completely in contact with her own female power and from there with her heart feels and does everything in her daily life. This is real, this is not artificial, and if you, as a woman, do things from your feminine energy, you will get so much strength to do it all. Because, in my view, she is so well in contact with her “female” power and is therefore able to integrate her “male” power very well from her “female” power, she is totally in balance with herself. So that men and women, together and in full respect to each other, can face life.


The flower remedy Vuurdoorn gives compassion to others, but also to yourself. Accept yourself as you are. You are good as you are. You love yourself the way you are. You allow yourself to enjoy the good things in life. You don’t have to have a bad conscience about this. You no longer have to apologize for yourself to others. You feel connected to each other. Going together for a higher goal, as a result of which (sometimes apparently not visible) obstacles are automatically removed. Knowing that you are working together with like-minded people for the same purpose. Vuurdoorn has to do with compassion, with compassion for everything that lives on this earth. But also compassion for everything in yourself. That you accept that you are the way you really are and that you can deal with them lovingly for yourself. The scope of this remedy is very large. A remedy that is also of great importance today in view of the way the world is treated. And also considering the way people treat themselves. Be your own leader!


Gives hope from the universe for now and the future. Everything will turn for the better. From the darkness of the water, the Water Lily rises up to the sunlight and can show itself in all its splendor. And you can show your splendor and beauty to the world.

Wilde Appel

Wild Apple people often get stuck in fussy details. Cleaning compulsion, anorexia, bulimia, fear of stains are part of this. It is for neat, tidy, conscientious people who want to do everything in their life with great precision. Because of all these beautiful, Calvinistic qualities, they become a slave to all the things that they have to do very precisely. They may also have the feeling that they are not clean on the inside. You can also develop an aversion to “mental” contamination such as foul thoughts and “bad tendencies,” such as the idea that sexual intercourse is morally wrong and nasty. You find it difficult to go to a strange toilet and open the doors of the toilet with your elbows. You are afraid of bacteria. You have a horror of pimples. You find that dirty, just like sweaty feet, pets or blood. For those conscientious children where the homework must be perfect, preferably a 10 for a test and if they get a nine are not really satisfied. For adults that everything at work must be done to perfection, by you and the fellow people you work with. The house that has to be in order and in order. You can even place a ruler along the T-shirts in the cupboards. Because of this you deprive yourself of the opportunity to really enjoy life. Because of this you deprive yourself of the opportunity to really enjoy life. It is not so bad if you have a spot on your pants when playing. It is also ok. if you have learned well that you are e.g. gets a 7. And sometimes it’s okay that something stays on your work until the next day that is not very urgent. And that your entire house is never 100% flawless. The Wild Apple blossom remedy releases the compulsive actions that so often control your life. Let you see life in the right perspective and you will not be disturbed by the little things.


A combination of Star of Bethlehem and Maskerbloem. Base. Cleaning, Own love, Potential, Earthing. Life. A combination of Star of Bethlehem and Maskerbloem. Base. Experiences: Potential, Cleaning, Cleaning, Earthing, Own love, Own strength, power, Life, self-confidence.