Flower Essence Maskerbloem

Nameable fears.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Maskerbloem | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Maskerbloem
Maskerbloem people suffer from fears. These fears have to do with concrete, everyday fears such as thunderstorm, fear of the plains, driving, flying, water, pain, injections, dentist, diseases, death, fear of animals, fear of heights, the cold (of winter), telephone anxiety, work, hard noises, aggression from others, etc. You no longer dare to drive a car or you no longer dare to climb a ladder. It is also possible that you are constantly afraid of losing your job. In short: Maskerbloem is for people who suffer from concrete fears. The difference between the fear of flying you can have with Maskerbloem and Liefde and Hoop is that with Maskerbloem you are afraid that the plane will crash, with Love and Hope the panic comes as soon as the doors close and you can no longer flee. Maskerbloem gives your basic faith in life itself the unconditional support that you should receive as a child. This allows you to meet the challenges of everyday life, overcoming fears and worries that hinder and disrupt the personality, freedom of action, recognizing every difficulty as an opportunity to grow. You no longer have to mask your fears. They disappear.
Nameable fears.
Replaces bach flower remedy Mimulus!
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