About Star Remedies Flower Essences


Star Remedies flower essences are made from wild plants and flowers found in both the Netherlands and the rest of the world. In addition to the traditional flower essences, 4 essences are made from non-vegetable materials; such as semi-precious stones.

Star Remedies are made in pure tranquility and with full intention towards the blossom. This allows the flowers to transfer their full quality into the available spring water. The same applies to the essences made from non-vegetable materials.

Since 1999

Star Remedies are made in the same way that Dr. Edward Bach’s remedies, however, Star Remedies are no traditional 38 bach remedies. The preparation of the essences is the same as that developed by Edward Bach.

Star Remedies have been made since 1999 by Madeleine and Micha Meuwessen.


Development is an important aspect when putting together new essences that are aimed at helping humanity. Because of these developments, the Star Remedies are able to keep up with the new times. However, old traditions are maintained. The only constant is change.

Purity is characteristic of the Star Remedies. The essences are made with complete surrender and in consultation with the flowers. This creates a very strong synergy that results in pure essences.

Purity is essential for essences. The purity flows in the essence which is the result of a synergy between maker and plant.