Book – Mindfulness by Nature

Madeleine Meuwessen

In this quick guide, anyone interested in how flower remedies work will be given an explanation of 14 combinations & 56 flower remedies. The 14 combinations have been developed by Madeleine Meuwessen in recent years as an answer to the question from society how people can use flower remedies themselves without therapeutic help. Madeleine Meuwessen (BsW) has been a social worker, flower therapist and naturopath since 1975. She is co-founder and trainer of C.I.N.T. Benelux Opleidingen.

Book – Mindfulness by Nature

In this booklet I would like to tell everyone who is in any way interested in how flower remedies work and about the thirteen combinations that we, my son Micha and I, have made of the Star Remedies. We have made this in recent years, tested it in practice and made it more complete. The flower remedies from Star Remedies, available in 56 stock bottles of 10 ml each, are made from wild plants and flowers that are found both in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world.

Boek – De Tijd vooruit

In addition to the traditional flower remedies, there is one remedy made from a semi-precious stone. Star Remedies are made by us in pure tranquility and with full intention towards the flower. This allows the flowers / gemstone to transfer their full qualities into spring water.
Star Remedies have a large bandwidth, in other words, they work on all aspects and levels of an emotional problem or a negative state of mind, which means that they tackle the whole in the width. Of the 56 blossom remedies, 14 are also unique ready-made
made combinations that are extremely suitable for the problem that you are suffering from. They can easily be used daily and are emotionally supportive.