Flower Essence Turkoois

Change in life.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Turkoois | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Turkoois
The semi-precious stone Turquoise. It is the only remedy made from a semi-precious stone. This remedy is especially for a new beginning. If you have trouble with changes such as starting a new profession, moving house, a new beginning at school, retiring, Turoois enables you to cope well with such changes in life. If you want to go to your new house, but you cannot really look forward to it, if you are happy with your new job, but at the same time unsure whether you can handle the new job, then Turquoise helps. The same applies to children who go to a new school, find it exciting and at the same time afraid of it. Or people who retire and are afraid that a black hole will arise. Where the flower remedy Yarrow helps against the withdrawal of energy by others, Turquoise helps with the opposite. You may be taking over physical complaints and / or emotional influences from others, e.g. you get a headache and it appears that someone in your area has a headache. Turquoise supports you in setting limits. So it helps e.g. very sensitive healers and others who work a lot with people / animals (social workers, coaches, so people who work in interaction-dependent professions) not to take on symptoms (physical and / or emotional complaints) of their patients / clients. With what has been described above, it may seem as if you are strongly influenced by others, but the cause lies in your indecision. Turquoise not only allows you to cope well with the changes in your life, but also to take the appropriate steps. The remedy to stay with one’s own beliefs and to live and act from one’s own beliefs. A special indication is the treatment of scars: even if they are so small, they can sometimes cause the most diverse health problems. For example, Turquoise helps to make a wound to heal the wound more quickly and with children who change, the remedy helps to speed up the process by rinsing 2 drops of Turquoise in a glass of water as long as it is needed.
Change in life.
Replaces bach flower remedy Walnut!
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