Flower Essence Valeriaan

Rewrites the family blueprint, as it were.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Valeriaan | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Valeriaan
This flower remedy ensures that the emotions (in all areas) from past lives can be released. Specifically focused on sadness and abandonment fears. When you hold negative thought patterns from the family and negative experiences from the past. Valerian can undo the ability to repeat the same patterns life after life. Valerian “rewrites” the “family blueprint”. Breaking, releasing and dissolving old karma families. Valerian works on an emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic level where it is needed. This allows you to promote positive personal growth. With parental permission: I thought “just” the above was accomplished by Valerian. One day a mother comes to the practice, crying. She didn’t know what to do. Her daughter, 7 years old, a beautiful, slender girl with “Shirly Temple” curls, tells her mother that she does not want to be a girl but a boy. The parents are sweet, warm, understanding parents and would immediately accept if their daughter was in the “wrong” body. When I asked the mother if I could help her, I didn’t have an answer right away. The only thing that came to my mind was Valerian. Discussed this with the mother and made a bottle of Valerian. After one month the mother is happy in the practice. Her daughter wanted to take the drops even though she did not know which remedy it contained. The mother told me what her daughter had told her: Mama, I have decided to remain a girl in this life and in a next life I will be a boy again. What a special experience. And hereby mother and I couldn’t keep our eyes dry!
Rewrites the family blueprint, as it were.
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