Flower Essence Duizendknoop

Hidden worries, Hate arguing.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Duizendknoop | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Duizendknoop
Duizendknoop – people have repressed their emotions and seemingly carefree and cheerful life, keep the mood in it and like to make jokes. In the pub or at a party they are usually the pacemakers. For outsiders it seems that these people are not bothered by anything. This is due to the repressed emotions and an apparently carefree life. Deep things are not being talked about. Much remains superficial. If you ask them how it goes, they will always answer with: “Good!” These people can tend to be overweight, especially around the waist and whatever you do, it just won’t go away. Even if you have followed so many diets, as soon as you stop, the kilos fly back. Duizendknoop raises the repressed emotions and unravels one or one of the many knots (blockages) that you still have and makes these emotions visible. The remedy makes it visible, whatever mood or mood it brings up. Then you can take the thousand button together with the necessary remedies. So it may be that you think that you have solved a certain state of mind with remedies, oil or stones or whatever, but by taking a thousand knot it nevertheless rises.
Hidden worries, Hate arguing.
Replaces bach flower remedy Agrimony!
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