Flower Essence Duizendblad

Eliminate yourself, no boundaries of your own.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Duizendblad | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Duizendblad
Yarrow people are sweet, accommodating, lovable and often courteous people. It is difficult for them to say “no”. The needs of others, the children, spouse, family and / or friends, often prevail. This is often at the expense of their own needs and desires. Actually the are looking for recognition and want to be loved. It may happen that they notice that they experience energy loss in the presence of others and become very tired of the other. Because of this it is possible that you “just” get angry. It can seem strange that you can get so angry at something very small, which apparently has nothing to do with the actual situation. I always explain it as follows: Imagine: I put a pen somewhere, and you get furious about it. That is almost incomprehensible to yourself and the other, but it is like this … you have let your boundaries go so many times that a very small, unrelated event can cause you to ignite in anger. The remedy protects you against negative influences from outside. You will no longer be “emptied” by others. You are able to follow your own path and not be afraid to lose the love of others, because you can say no. It helps to lead an independent life in the true sense of the word. Yarrow is made with the spring water from Lourdes.
Eliminate yourself, no boundaries of your own.
Replaces bach flower remedy Centaury!
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