Flower Essence Roos

Over-critical, intolerant.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Roos | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Roos
Rose people like criticism. They are the eternal vitters. They have little tolerance towards others. They always find a hair in the soup. And you have little understanding for the smallest mistake of others. You can also make yourself cheerful about others in a sarcastic way. You also laugh at the mistakes of others. You have sharp humor and a lot of cynical criticism and because of this others can avoid you. You pull the corners of your mouth down when you reproach someone like: How can you …! You like to hand out “pricks” to others. The blossom remedy Rose is the sign of harmony, of love. Through her thorns she has to defend herself in life, but she also gives a lot of love, she stands for true friendship. It contains the great secret, the secret of human happiness. When she no longer has to “poke”, she is able to open herself completely in friendship and love. You get more softer humor, so the sharp humor disappears. The remedy works on your laughing muscles. You are able to allow new impressions from the outside uninhibited. It ensures that your sharp humor is converted into humor. You see things as they are. You are unbiased. You are able to fully open yourself to friendship and love and you no longer have to “poke”.
Over-critical, intolerant.
Replaces bach flower remedy Beech!
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