Flower Essence Koningin van de Kusten

Can't stand injustice.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Koningin van de Kusten | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Koningin van de Kusten
Queen of the Coast people cannot stand injustice. They are our world improvers and idealists. This allows them to come across as fanatic. They have high expectations of themselves and want to be perfect in everything to prove themselves that they are doing well. They want to convince others of their ideas and insights and it is difficult to stop. They suffer from what is wrong in the world. You prefer not to be confronted with all the news that enters your home / your life through the media. You are afraid of war. And what’s actually “underneath” is the fear that it can happen to you. It is a remedy that fits completely with this time. The remedy filters “everything” that now “comes in” so violently. This time is very difficult for many people. With the help of this remedy you can still see everything that is happening, but with the “filtering” you can handle everything that comes your way better. You don’t put your head in the sand for everything that happens, but you see what happens, but it doesn’t bother you so much and you can do better the things you have to do because you don’t get so upset anymore.
Can't stand injustice.
Replaces bach flower remedy Vervain!
Flower Remedy Koningin van de Kusten 10ml from Star Remedies is available separately here.