Flower Essence Liefde & Hoop

Panic. Panic attacks.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Liefde & Hoop | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Liefde & Hoop
Love and Hope people have chronic panic. Chronic panic does not always show itself as panic, more as flight behavior: You are on the plane, the doors are closing … and you are only thinking of flights or “how do I get out of here”. If you are shocked by e.g. a mouse that suddenly runs ahead of you and that you start running as a result, may have to do with chronic panic. Or that you have to go to a reception, because that would be important and you prefer to run fast. How does this state of mind arise: It may have to do with a life-threatening birth because the umbilical cord is around the baby’s head, a caesarean section, a pair of pliers or an imminent drowning death and in war situations in many situations where your life was at stake. Even if someone has been a victim of violence and you can also think of a parent who just hit it off. With events in the present, such a mouse or a reception or other “simple” things “trigger” this always latent panic. As mentioned, flight behavior can occur or you become paralyzed with fright, the feeling that your heart stops beating or a feeling of powerlessness that comes over you. Through Love and Hope, flight behavior changes into courage. You are able to commit yourself for others in emergency situations. You have a great presence of mind. Let go of the extremely strong love present deep inside, resulting in Hope. This remedy was made in Israel, Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall. When one enters the tunnels under the wailing wall at some point, there is a place that is closest to the Kodesh Hakodashim. The holiest of saints. This is the holiest place for the Jewish population. This is where the remedy is made.
Panic. Panic attacks.
Replaces bach flower remedy Rock Rose!
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