Flower Essence Gele Meibloem

Mediocre, mean well.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Gele Meibloem | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Gele Meibloem
Gele Meibloem provides a connection between you and the Universe and God without blockages. This connection is not only made from you but also from the Universe, so it works in two directions. It gives the deepest confidence that everything will be alright. Gele Meibloem belongs to the 7th chakra. This is seen as the place where the “individual self” becomes the “universal self.” Gele Meibloem meets a deep desire to bring out that that really matters and lets you experience grandeur and femininity. It helps you discover your desire and bring out that which is essential to you. She connects you with the great Mother, with her wisdom. When using Gele Meibloem, the heart feels warm and open, full of confidence and peace. Survival mechanisms are no longer needed. It gives a soothing sense of strength, safety and self-confidence. This feeling cannot simply be broken. Full of love and gratitude it follows. When Yellow May Flower is worn on the heart it makes it wonderful to relax without becoming sleepy and gives it confidence in the body. By letting go of old karmic things, a connection with the Self is established.
Mediocre, mean well.
Replaces bach flower remedy Chicory!
gele meibloem
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