Flower Essence Hortensia

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Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Hortensia | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Hortensia
Hydrangea people are constantly looking. They are not satisfied with their existence. They feel that their lives are passing by. You feel a great inner void. You may feel that your head is one ball of spaghetti. You may be inclined to do extreme activities such as making extravagant journeys, preferably buying very expensive cars, immediately buying the newest fashion (and if you cannot choose and you can afford it, you buy everything you like and are purchasing) forgotten a little later). You find life meaningless. Or simply put: you are in the famous Burn-out! The flower of hydrangea consists of all kinds of small flowers that form one whole. This also applies to the state of mind that is associated with this. If there are a lot of confusing situations in life, whatever, then the Hortensia connects this to a whole. This remedy connects the left and right hemispheres better. As a result, you are able to place all things in your own way and in such a way that things become clearer and clearer. You feel that the space around you is getting bigger. If you have difficulty reading or calculating, the Hortensia “connects” the left and right hemispheres. You can study more easily and with concentration.
Not being able to choose from many options.
Replaces bach flower remedy Wild Oat!
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