Flower Essence Ismene

Absent, dreamy.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Ismene | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Ismene
Ismene- people are the dreamers among us. If you prefer to retreat to your own dream world so that you can suppress the reality of everyday life. In your work or at school “not being in class”. You may walk to the kitchen to get something and once you arrive in the kitchen you absolutely do not know what you had to do there. You drive from A to B and arrive at B and it appears that you have traveled a lot on autopilot. An indication may also be that you often stumble or bump yourself, that you can sit under the bruises, that you quickly catch something or that objects drop easily. Ismene gives you insight into reality and brings you into the “here and now”. You will better understand the coherence in the world. You become contemplative of everything. You get a look back at what you have done and at the same time there is a kind of farewell to “your old life”. You are able to say goodbye to “not real illusions”, which can sometimes be intense. You come with both feet in this life. Your creativity is given the opportunity to develop. You are able to do the things that you have to do in the here and now without having the feeling of being or becoming overburdened.
Absent, dreamy.
Replaces bach flower remedy Clematis!
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