Flower Essence Vrouwenmantel

Dominant, regulator, lust for power.

Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Vrouwenmantel | Star Remedies
Pipette Bottle 10ml. Flower remedy Vrouwenmantel
Women’s mantle people are very skilled and self-assured (towards the outside world). They seem to be our born leaders and they will never admit prior uncertainty and / or weakness. The environment can find that they are therefore dominant, unscrupulous, inflexible and numb. You are proud that you work so hard and that you can be so strict. You find that the end justifies the means. You just do it for the good of the other? The banking world, the construction world, governments around the world, high top positions are generally “manned” by men (again such a nice word). The blossom remedy Vrouwenmantel gives men the power to share better, to engage more in consultation, to focus more on their intuition and to listen more to their feelings, so that they can also be in balance with themselves. This makes this remedy extremely suitable for men. The blossom remedy Vrouwenmantel gives women the power to realize its ambitions from within itself. You no longer have to work with “male” energy. Still high demands are placed on women. And still many women make enormous demands on themselves. She has a fantastic career, a very busy social life, a great mother, a “femme fatale” for her husband, a nurse for the whole family, a top chef. You name it. The set of requirements for women is sky high. You also see more and more “burn-out” among women. Women need such “behavior” to “stand” in the men’s world. During the last Star Remedies course, I asked the students why Máxima is so loved by the vast majority of the Dutch population. The answer was inter alia: her charisma, her charisma, her knowledge, her real interest in all sorts of things, she is beautiful, always beautifully dressed, she really loves Alexander and much more. I said that that was all right, but why is it that she, with the royal family, stands out like this. There was not a direct answer. My idea about her is that she is completely in contact with her own female power and from there with her heart feels and does everything in her daily life. This is real, this is not artificial, and if you, as a woman, do things from your feminine energy, you will get so much strength to do it all. Because, in my view, she is so well in contact with her “female” power and is therefore able to integrate her “male” power very well from her “female” power, she is totally in balance with herself. So that men and women, together and in full respect to each other, can face life.
Dominant, regulator, lust for power.
Replaces bach flower remedy Vine!
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