Vrouwenmantel / Ladies’ Mantle

The remedy Vrouwenmantel gives women the inner power they need to realise their own ambitions. There is no longer any need to bring 'male' energy into play. Women are still being subjected to extremely high demands. And women are still subjecting themselves to extremely high demands. She has a fabulous career, a busy social life, is a wonderful mother, a 'femme fatale' for her partner, a nurse to the entire family, and is a great cook. The list is endless. An awful lot is expected of women. And so we are seeing more and more women getting 'burned-out'. Women need to 'behave' in this way in order to 'survive' in a man's world. The banking world, the construction world, governments around the world, key positions all tend to be 'manned' (another great word) by men. But if men were able to share more with men, were better able to talk things over, trust their intuition more and be more in tune with their feelings, then they could also achieve balance for themselves. Which is why Ladies' Mantle is a great remedy for men, too. So that both men and women are able to embrace life, together and with full respect towards one another.

Written by Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen. All rights reserved / 2000 - 2012 Copyright © Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen. Images are property of Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen