Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem stands for old and new traumas, hurts. It can happen that old shocks mean you have the feeling that every new hurt - however small it may seem in the eyes of others - keeps opening up the old wound deeper. This remedy will enable you to deal with old traumas in your dreams at night.

A nurse loses her baby girl 8½ months into her pregnancy. After taking the remedy - she was under the impression that she had come to terms with this loss which occurred about five years ago - she dreamt about the baby at night and also about the first baby that had died during her shift at the hospital. In the morning she woke up wondering how come she had dreamt about this after all this time. It turned out that she had now truly got it out of her system and was really 'finished' with it. She underwent this with joy. The old blockage had gone. The remedy really helps to resolve these blockages caused by old wounds. And brings joy.

Written by Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen. All rights reserved / 2000 - 2012 Copyright © Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen. Images are property of Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen