Peer / Pear

No (longer a) problem with Pear. If you have encountered many difficulties in your life and when you hit the next obstacle automatically think: This is bound to go wrong again, Peer will help you to get the job done. For if you suffer from depression, or have repeatedly failed your exams, have got stuck in a dark quagmire or for when everything seems hopeless. Peer gives you the inner strength and allows your confidence to return. If you allow yourself to say that you can do it, then you can. Peer gives you back that sparkly feeling, from deep down inside yourself. That 'sense of happiness' as I always call it. Knowing, at a rational level, that everything is going to be alright now. You can embrace life again in full confidence because it 'gives you back' your inner, genuine confidence in life.

Written by Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen. All rights reserved / 2000 - 2012 Copyright © Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen. Images are property of Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen