Papaver / Poppy

Papaver (Poppy) - the Dutch name splits into the words papa-ver (dad is far away). Was made at the same time as Moederkruid (Feverfew) and Waterlelie (Waterlily). HAD to be made at the same time. After my parents died, I felt they were such a long way away. Then suddenly, ´out of the blue´, an enormous poppy sprang up by my parental home. After making this remedy I knew ´it was alright now´ and that my parents were no longer gone - even though they were just as far away, but it was alright now. Papaver (Poppy) lets you know that everything will all be alright. Basic trust. Knowledge from out of the universe that you are supported. Love. Decisive love.

Become conscious of the ticking of the clock - a presence like a kind of eternity. The remedy commands deep respect - don´t know why. Next, an uncontrollable crying fit - with an image of children on an excursion to Auschwitz. Why were these people not allowed to live their lives to the end? Human remains - but people cannot be exterminated! Their essence remains and will remain alive always. It is the essence which makes us all one. All of us all one. Alone.... All-one?! Does it release identification? Identification with family, friends, country, race. Does it enable you to rise above this?

Written by Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen. All rights reserved / 2000 - 2012 Copyright © Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen. Images are property of Madeleine & Micha Meuwessen