The first and most important feeling that arose when making the Hosta remedy is protection. It protects you from "earthly" and "unearthly" fears. The feeling that there is something that‘s scaring you. You don‘t know what it is, but the feeling can give you goose bumps. You may become fascinated by the occult, whilst at the same time fearing it. You may be afraid of death. This fear does not relate to the suffering prior to death but to what comes after death.

Hosta can make you happy to be living in the here and now, and give you a sense of space. If you wake up in the night and don‘t know why and perhaps also find it difficult to go back to sleep again Hosta can ensure you sleep through the night. It may be that you have clear recollection of your dreams for the first few nights. It may be that you are not aware that there are things you haven‘t dealt with yet. These will be recognisable in the shape of a dream.

Other experiences: good, happy dreams.

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